Why does my company need a Mobile Application, App?

ios app development

When I started with e-business in the mid-nineties, the business world was asking the question: should my company have a website? Time responded to it. The web is already consolidated and today there is no business, organization or government that does not have a space on the network.

I must confess that it was not the first time I had that experience, not long before the question was did my company need email? The answer is already known.

ios app development

What is an App?

  • A Mobile Application or App is a program that is installed on the client’s Smartphone or Tablet.
  • In this way, the App becomes part of the cell phone, a privileged place where every brand would want to be. The icon android app developers melbourne ¬†¬†that identify it, with the picture of your corporation, will be visible at all period, reminding the user of our existence, both when you are going to use it and when you are doing another task.
  • Remember that when the user is working, look at the cell phone, when he is bored, look at the cell phone , when he is traveling, look at the cell phone , when he is communicating, look at the cell phone , when he is having fun, look at the cell phone , when reading the mail, check the agenda, etc., elegant media reviews look at the cell phone .

Advantages of having a mobile App:

Always present (mindshare):

  • Probably the first big benefit that we will highlight for companies
  • Our App will be very present and continued in the Smartphone of our customers. Each time the user views their phone, our brand will be there, contributing to their presence in the minds of our consumers.
  • Think about how much money is spent on TV, street posters, brochures, etc., to achieve this goal, an opportunity that the App will give us to occupy a privileged place in the mobile of our customers and potential customers.

Always available:

The App is installed on the Smartphone or Tablet, accessible to be used immediately, unlike a website that requires opening a browser and search the site, not to mention that typing on the screen and often moving is more difficult-


The smartphones are ubiquitous. Users spend watching them. They are close and intimate devices that are not more than a meter and a half away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a special place for your brand.

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