Different Uses of BitTorrent Protocol

Pirate Bay Proxy

What makes BitTorrent protocol very unique is it distributes sharing of the files over all the users who downloaded and are in process of downloading the file. As BitTorrent breaks up & distributes files in several small chunks, you do not even have to download the entire file before you begin sharing. As early as you have a piece of your file, you may start sharing it with other users. That is what makes the BitTorrent very fast; and your BitTorrent client begins sharing as early as it downloads just one chunk of a file (so no need to wait for the whole download to complete).

To download the file like educational domain video that we mentioned, you need to find & download the torrent file (that uses .torrent file extension) & open this with the BitTorrent client. Torrent file doesn’t have your files. But, it has information that tells your client where it will find peers that are sharing & downloading the file.

 How can you can find & download the file with BitTorrent?

When you have found the good & healthy torrent like The Pirate Bay, you need to find a download link & download this torrent. The browser may ask you on what you have to do with a file, so make sure to tell this to open torrent in BitTorrent client that you have downloaded Now that you have got the better idea of terminology & process behind the BitTorrent, let us jump right in using the BitTorrent file.

Pirate Bay Proxy

Firstly you have to download the BitTorrent client (program manages BitTorrent downloads).

Search for the good torrent. There’re many good websites for downloading torrents (that is right, you look for the torrents on internet). When you have found the good torrent, find download link & download your torrent. Your browser may ask you about what you would like to do with a file, thus make sure you tell to open that torrent in BitTorrent client that you have downloaded

File transfer load will be distributed between computers exchanging files, however the file searches & transfers it from your system to others will cause bottlenecks. Because some people will download files & immediately disconnect without letting others to get the files from their computer that is called as leeching. It limits to the number of system’s the software will search for any requested file.

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