Be an expert bass catcher with the right fishing rod

fishing rod

Fishing can be a lot of fun if one has the right kind of gear to catch the best fishes. There is a large number of techniques and baits which are used for fishing. Best fishing gear and rod manufacturers have made sure that the variety is enticing for fishing enthusiasts. Most of the fishing rods are specifically designed for different baits and catches, along with many other factors that affect the fishing of a particular type of fishes. One can find some of the best fishing rods at

Certain factors that one should know while shopping for a fishing rod are mentioned below.


The power of the rod is depicted by its bending capacity. When the angler or the fisher is catching fishes, the extent to which the rod will bend decides the power capacity. One can find heavier, medium and lighter rods at; heavier being the hardest to bend and lighter ones the easiest. Usually, the power of the rod is depicted by a range of number, in which the lower number shows the lighter rods and the higher number shows the heavier ones.

fishing rod


The next factor in a fishing rod that one needs to consider is the length of the rod. One should choose the length of the rod according to one’s fishing and angling capability. However, mostly it is said that the longer rods are better at catching fishes that the shorter rods. Long rods will make sure that the balance is perfect and that one can handle any kind if jump of the fish or water pressure.

Line guides

The anglers can detect any kind of strike which is transmitted through the line guides, and that is the reason why these lines should be sensitive and good. One can find higher quality micro line guides and can also find average ones. Micro guides are costly but are very good when it comes to proper transmission and one can also cast at larget distance because of these.


The material of which the rod is made of decides the way one can use the rod and how much efficiency one can expect. Usually, there are two options; fiberglass rods and graphite rods. The fiberglass rods are still used and give uniform bend throughout the fishing rod. But graphite being very light in weight, the sensitivity is much higher making it more effective.

A good fishing rod can help one become a bass catching expert. Therefore it is important to pay attention to the rod type, handles, guides, reel seats, etc. before making the purchase.

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