How can you determine if it is a legal or illegal online streaming site? Read this post


It is given that piracy and copyrights violation is widely prevalent today. A lot of our younger generation would even argue with you that doing illegal activities related to piracy on the internet is more often than not which is the result of the unavailability to access to quality content or the expensive costs that come with entertainment particularly watching movies.

This is because the movie tickets, the cable subscriptions, and even the mainstream online streaming sites are just expensive nowadays, however, the fact still remains that pirating movies and television shows are still wrong, and completely illegal.

Unless it is fine for you to be bombarded with DMCA notices on your email, you should steer clear from any illegal streaming sites, and to add more, these sites can also infect your electronic devices with viruses and malware, and could even phish out valuable information that can ruin your life all of a sudden, not to mention the tons of pop-up advertisements that annoys you while streaming for movies and television shows.

There are thousands of sites and applications that offer free streaming for both movies and television shows, and a lot of them are operating illegally, so how can you determine a legitimate online streaming site that offers you a content that is legal and copyrighted? Check the rest of this post that will help you tell if an online streaming site is illegal or not courtesy of solarmovie1 vip.

Check the content– The content of the online streaming site can tell if it operates legally or not by checking if the movies are just a few weeks old after it was released on cinemas or television shows that were shown just a few nights ago. If you notice this kind of content, then it is operating illegally because movies usually take six months to one year before it is distributed for viewing purposes either for DVDs and legitimate online streaming sites as well as television shows.

Content quality– Usually, legitimate online streaming sites provide its customers with high-definition video, and crystal clear audio knowing that legitimate streaming sites charge their customers with subscription fees for the content they provide to them. You should steer clear from online streaming sites that are obviously been recorded inside cinemas or has inaudible audio.

solarmovie1Website information– The website itself is one of the best ways to find out if it is a legitimate online streaming site or not. If you do not see any subpages or dropdown menu that has the “About Us” of the website operator, then it can be streaming movies illegally knowing that legitimate sites are generally providing their customers transparency by providing the site’s background, information, and contact information.

Free downloading of the content– Legitimate streaming sites do not let their customers download the movies and television shows they feature. It is for viewing purposes only as what lawfully agreed to the owners of the content they feature, but illegal streaming sites can let you download as much as you want.

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