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Knowing what an advertising brochure is, knowing the formats it allows us and distributing its content conveniently can be very useful for a company. Commercial brochures have been used for centuries to advertise products, events, brands, etc., and today they are still part of many marketing campaigns. In this post, we review what is an advertising brochure, the most common types of the brochure and what are the advantages of working with these commercial supports.

What is an advertising brochure, its function in a marketing plan

  • An advertising brochure holder is a form of printed advertising with an informative function, usually composed of images and short and concise texts. Its objective is to expose a series of reasoned ideas about a service or product.
  • The brochure holders are framed within the direct marketing techniques since they are clearly delivered to the target audience, that is, they are delivered directly by hand, or they are located in specific places where there is an intense presence of an audience that we are interested

    There are brochures of many types, however, the most common formats are triptychs and diptychs.

brochure holders

The usual format of the advertising brochure: diptychs and triptychs

  • Today there are all kinds of formats, in Click Printing we make personalized brochures of all kinds, however, the typical brochure is made with a diptych or triptych design.
  • In both cases we work with standard A-5 booklet measures, measuring 15 x 21 cm., With both sides printed, although it is true that these measures are also customizable.
  • Diptych: Formed by a sheet of paper or cardboard with a fold in the middle. The result is a brochure with four independent faces.
  • Triptych: Like the triptych, it is a single sheet with two longitudinal folds, resulting in a six-sided brochure.

What characteristics should an advertising brochure have?

  • It is important that the cover draws attention, that it is attractive and persuasive.
  • Both the brand and the product have to be very present throughout the text.
  • The content should be informative, but without forgetting the persuasive part in order to increase sales.
  • The different faces of a diptych or triptych allow to clearly divide the information, therefore each face should contain its own information.

Do you need advertising brochures for your company? Contact click printing, we offer you a personalized service of printing advertising brochures at the best price and with the possibility of personalizing them.

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All You Need To Know About The Marquis Reagent Test Kit

Marquis Reagent is a simple spot-test that can identify alkaloids and other compounds. This is a mixture of formaldehyde and sulfuric acid concentration. This is dripped into the substance that is being tested. If you are wondering how the Marquis reagent test kit works, you have come to the right place! Let this article guide you on everything that you need to know about this reagent test kit.

The History of Marquis Reagents

The Marquis reagent was first discovered in 1896 by Eduard Marquis. He discovered and described the reagent in his 1896 magister dissertation and he named it after him. It was tested for the first time at the University of Dorpat. Since then, the Marquis reagent became one of the most important reagents in the market.

The Marquis Reagent Test Kit

As mentioned above, the Marquis Reagent is a combination of concentrated sulfuric acid and formaldehyde. This is very important when used to test a variety of substances. When used on different substances, it will create color reactions such as the following:

  • 2C-B – creates a color yellow to green after 30 seconds
  • 2C-T-x – this will give an orange to salmon color
  • BZP – it fizzes and the color doesn’t change
  • DXM – will slowly change color from gray to black
  • Meth/amphetamine – gives out an orange color
  • MDPV, Methylone, Butylone – gives out a yellow color
  • MDxx – changes color from purple to black

marquis reagent test kit 

How To Use The Marquis Reagent Test Kit

It is very important that you know how the test kit is used. Experts advice that you should never have more than one bottle of reagent opened at a time. Remember that if you ever mix up the caps and mistakenly put the wrong cap on the wrong bottle of reagent, it may cross-contaminate all the reagents and ruin them in the process.

So before you perform the test, make sure that you do it one at a time and in a well-lit location. Here’s how you do the test:

  • Scrape Your Pill. Just scrape a small amount of your pill or powder on a large, white ceramic plate or container. Just a tiny bit will do, enough that you can see it on the plate.
  • Use The Reagent. In order to do this, you take the reagent bottle out of its plastic safety container. Then you remove the cap and turn the bottle upside-down just a few inches above the powder. The squeeze a drop of reagent onto the powder. Take note that you should not let the dropper touch the powder or else you will contaminate and ruin the test. Make sure that you replace the cap right after.
  • Observe the Color. Now you have to carefully observe the color if it changes right away. You can use the Marquis color chart that is included with your kit to determine the result of your test.

Storage and Disposal

Take note that if for example, the reagent did not change in color on the first 30 seconds, this means that the pull does not have the substances mentioned above. Once you are done with the test, make sure that you store the Marquis reagent test kit properly. Remember that it is made of sulphuric acid and it is strong enough to burn the skin or your clothing. Dispose of any unwanted reagent down your sink with baking soda and running water. Also, ensure that you keep the testing kits in a cold and dark place between uses.

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Best tips for ice skating

Ice skating is one of the most interesting winter games which is highly preferred by the people of all age group. Even though this game sounds to be interesting, they should be handled more carefully. Especially the beginners should be aware of the tactics of ice skating. This article is a dedication for the beginners who are about to start their first ice skating. Here are some of the best tips to help them out.

Avoid looking down

One of the most common mistakes made by the beginners is they will look down while skating. They must remember that looking them may create panic and they may lose their control. Hence instead of looking down, they must concentrate on the direction in which they are moving. Heading up will provide them confidence and will also help them to avoid colliding.

Warm up

The beginner should have the habit of warming up before starting their ice skating. This is because they are about to skate in the ice which will be very cold. And hence they must stretch the muscles before getting into skating. They must remember that stretching the muscles in cold may lead to muscle tear and other related issues. Hence warming up in advance is more important.

ice skates

Good skates

Even though the beginners are new to the game, they should not make any kind of compromise in buying the skates. They must buy the best quality ice skates. Such skates will be safe enough to handle and they will also provide good support. In current trend, the best quality skates can be easily shopped from the online stores. The beginners must make note of the size and other related aspects for choosing the best skates for their ice skating.


Learning skating may sound to be easy. But in order to know the tactics and to get trained professionally, the help of the experts should be approached. The experienced coaches will provide the best tips for ice skating. They can also help the beginners to get experienced quicker.


The beginners will have great trouble in stopping the skate rather than commencing them. They must handle the process of stopping slowly in the initial days. They must bend their knees and they must push out on their heels. This kind of process will slow down the speed and will help them to stop without any hassles.

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Eye-catching brochures can be manufactured with the marketing materials

The modular format will include the units which can be clicked together. The permanent wall displays are considered to be ideal for many of the customers at our company. The business card holder and brochure holder can be used according to the flexibility of the customers. You can select the best products which are suitable for your needs as you will have many options. The displays for the marketing materials will allow our team to manufacture the eye-catching brochures. The customers can enter the place of their business along with the employees and clients by designing the showoff displays. The exhibitions and trade shows are considered to be ideal for the business meetings along with the brochure holders. The primary place of business can be used to display business cards and brochures.

brochure holders stand

Easy extension of the systems:

The customers ate also recommended to prefer the business card holders and brochure stands. The amount of clutter can be reduced on the counters by increasing the visibility of the design setup. The adhesive label with your branding can be personalized with the acrylic brochure holders. The display options for the matching brochure can be provided with the easy extension of the systems. The smaller printouts can be preferred if you are looking for the supplements of larger documents. All the materials in the brochure holders stand will be visible clearly through the acrylic. The stand size should be considered to choose the right brochure which is suitable for your requirements. The popular techniques are implemented near the trade shows and exhibitions. The clutter on your counter can be minimized by consolidating the two items.

Save space with professionalism:

The brochure stand selection can be done in a better way with the different types of options provided by our team. You can add more details to your business if you are planning to save space with professionalism. There are many products which are available on our website so you can purchase the products as per your choice. The customers can select the brochure holder and then place the order on any of the online stores. The largest printing directory is available on the internet by many of the partners. If you are looking for the brochure stands then you can feel free to contact our team. You can read the terms and conditions of our website here before you place the orders.

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Select the best water filter from benchtop water purifiers

There is a desperate need for you to have your own water filter as the water quality has decreased from the time when we required to have nothing in names of making drinking water fit for us. The best choice for you can be picking your best from the most vivid and exclusive range coming from the benchtop water purifiers.

We know that it is completely dependent on your budget which water purifier are you going to pick from the slot and for the same reason each of the water purifiers is made in consideration to your budget there is everything for you to make it feel your home deserves the best at a price that is affordable. The only thing you are supposed to be doing is browsing through the collection of high-quality water filter coming from the benchtops.

water purifying system

Options for selection for your benchtop water purifiers:

You can select from the different range of water filter and each of these fits really well with the affordable prices and some of these are mentioned below:

Twin benchtop healthy choice with 10 inch of Fluoride and Lead check filters. This can be your choice for the best filter as there is an additional warranty period that is followed by the benchtop water purifiers and it comes with a five year of warranty meaning that you can remain stress-free throughout the mentioned time frame and return can enjoy the definitive taste of having the most healthy and harmless water.

Twin benchtop E-coli Submicron Doulton system of water purifying system:

This system comes with twin 10 inches of standard size filter and it makes sure that you are not having a treater water supply at your place and not using an ultraviolet system that is strongly recommended for the use of having the top quality ceramic cartridge as a safe drinking water system to its minimum. The system brings 99.9% of the reduction in bacteria, E.coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Shigella, Klebsiella cysts, Giadia and also reduction of heavy metals, chlorine, taste and odour with the provision of 1-micron prefilters and with a sub-micron filter of Doulton Ultracarb. This is made with 100% of polypropylene housing material that is approved with NSF materials and five-year structural warranty.

You can have the best filter from a brand that cares about you with the utmost safety provision. This can really be your choice to pick your best and enjoy unlimited safe water supply.

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Can’t Find Indoor Soccer Shoes That Fits?

The correct type of football boots in the room should allow the user to compete from one end of the playing field to the other, turn around to avoid an opponent, and handle the ball with care in any way convenient for him.

Suchcleats usually weigh from nine to twelve ounces, and a pair that weighs more than this range is considered heavy for the average user. Never be fooled into believing that a typical pair of sports shoes will succeed in this game.

Your skill is the most important, but good gear can vastly help to enhance it!

soccer cleats

Positive aspects of using football boots

  1. If you want to get much better traction and the ability to move in the direction you want, soccer shoes are the elements in which you should just invest. All players require speed in addition to the ability to cut quickly and this is impossible without the right shoes for this sport.
  2. It is very important to have control of the ball in the game, so for this you need to use the appropriate football shoes. Playing soccer is not like basketball, where almost any team member can shoot in the basket, so it’s very important to have the right shoes to score a goal for your team. Choose according your position.
  3. Indoor soccer shoes are flexible, so it is easier for the player to deviate from left to right or cut off the opponent’s tracks and maneuver the ball away from the other team. Proper footwork and pace are what you need to get the ball of the other team and make a goal.
  4. When you actively play indoor football, players can only wear cleats specifically designed for this type of arena. For indoor soccer use soccer shoes with flat soleplate made out of rubber. This will improve traction and reduce possibility of injuries.
  5. Not every known brand is recommended. Adidas makes one of the best indoor soccer shoes – Performance Samba. That are perfect for wide feet. While Nike is known to make narrow soccer shoes. Puma is somewhere in the middle. Kelme is also worth mentioning as they are making one of the best indoor shoes – Kelme Star 360.

Since football is not like an ordinary sport in which you can wear shoes of any type, you should also remember that you should be ready to receive only the highest quality things that you can use in every game.

Most wide feet football players are especially attentive when looking for their cleats and investing additional income to get the perfect game. The truth is that finding the best wide indoor soccer shoes is just as important as winning the game for you personally. You cannot help the team win any football game if you don’t have the right shoes to keep you on the pitch. You should always have the right equipment for this game.

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Are you searching for a unique kind of gift? Check this out

Gifts represent the love and your care towards the person. Gift has so many meaning in the world of love and sharing. If you are one who love to make your presence unique in someone life, then you need to care about everything that you do from start to end. You cannot randomly choose a thing or perform an activity. One wrong doing will make the process worse which in result will take your good side. So it is wise to check out all the things before doing. Likewise gifting should impress the person instead of boring. How can you make it interesting with just gifts? Do you think it is possible to make one interesting and happy with a gift? It is a universal truth that a person will change with the action of gift. Also the gift represents your inner soul. So you have to choose it properly. Random choice will make the situation worse.

Cat Home Decor

Where can you check for the unique and wonderful gift? In this online world, why should you worried about the place for getting the gift? Yes, start searching for the gifts over online and find various kinds of products which can be used by you as well as presented like gift. Nowadays gifts are presented in many theme formats and Cat Themed Gifts is one among those. Few people may wonder about the cat theme! It is the cat based product that imitates cat. The products come in the variety of dresses, accessories and many more products. Consider checking out all those products and buy from the online source. The online source is the place where you will get the every new kind of things.

If you are planning to decorate your home, then you can buy Cat Home Decor in Catify Co Store. This is the kind of gift or product that can be chosen to decorate the place. You can even chose to gift the product during their house warming occasion. These gifts are chosen to get the attention of many cat lovers. Here you can check for the various kind cat themed products. You cannot even guess that all these kind of products are available. Buy from the online port and start impressing other with the unique kind of gift. The gift can make the love blossoming and impressing towards your action. Cat is the representation of cute creature and the gift represents the same.

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Discount Codes – A Promotional Strategy and An Effective Marketing Tool

In today’s digital world, there are many tricks to highlight the spotlight. Whether it is business or you as an individual, there are many strategies that can help you in many ways. For example, let’s talk about discounts online. All companies offer discounts and special offers to convince potential customers. The main reason is to provide customers with some advantages so that they can invest more and more in their business. There are many travel agencies that offer deals to entice potential travelers. This is because travel lovers are always looking for some affordable and amazing offers on the Internet. Therefore, a discount coupon can be beneficial for both business and travel lovers.


When searching for travel deals, it is always advisable to look for some brands rather than relying on some local deals or on the road. The main reason is that, since brands must maintain a reputation, it is obvious that they do not promise what they cannot accomplish. For the same reason, it is important to purchase discount codes from well-known brands. There are many travel brands that can offer you the best discounts and special offers. Look for free discount codes uk. These are some of the best brands that offer the best travel deals in Europe. You can check out the website and explore the various types of discounts available. You can use the right one for the site and redeem them if necessary.

free discount codes

There is a wide range of travel brands that offer special deals for tourists. The best offer to check all travel offers is to look for a site that offers detailed information on all travel offers to Europe. This allows you to compare and search for the right discount codes and offers for you. Each company has its own rules for using discount codes, so make sure that you know all aspects of using a particular discount code. Some offer discount codes in the form of a web page, while others offer more or less boxes. No matter what code you get, just make sure you know how to use it.

Free discount codes are easily available online

You just need to make sure that you find them on a reputable website so that you do not have problems. Discount codes are easy to use. You do not have to fight to benefit from these codes. If you are an online seller or customer, these are the most effective ways to get profitable results. Therefore, when planning a trip, be sure to check out all the details and suggestions to save money and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

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Buy best hot tubs after online research

Customers that are planning to purchase hot insulated tubs should do maximum research and survey before taking the next course if action. It is imperative to note that market is flooding with varieties of hot tubs and visitors should show caution while choosing sellers. It is worth to note that inflatable hot tubs which are popular among shoppers are built with quality and sturdy materials. Clients which have ambitious plans to buy high quality hot tubs should decide to explore this site which provides maximum information about hot tubs. This five-star rated site sees lots of visitors throughout the year and is increasingly gaining popularity.

Visitors should not miss reading tips and tricks which provides interesting facts about hot tubs. Hot tubs which come with best designs and colors are selling fast since there is demand for these types of products. Hot tubs which provide instant relief to body pain can accommodate several members at a time. Families which take part in swimming activities can carry these inflatable hot tubs anywhere under the sun and sit inside them for hours. Individuals that suffer from neck, back, hip and severe body pain will experience relief when they use these spectacular tubs which are priced reasonably.

Inflatable Hot Tub

Hot tubs that come with durability

Customers should look into minute details of Inflatable Hot Tub before buying from online portals.  Tubs which are highly popular and affordable come with stylish features and silhouette. This site provides important information that are related to size, height, color, width, breadth of the trending tubs which are popular among buyers. Visitors should always look out for products that are manufactured with utmost perfection. Men, women and kids can relax completely on the tubs after bathing, swimming various and finishing water sports activities.

Buyers’ can enjoy lots of health benefits and stay away from various diseases when they use these products. Hot tubs are inexpensive products which are crafted using rich fabrics and inflatable materials.  Clients can inflate these tubs near river beds and other water bodies and take a short nap. Elders that are suffering from spine problems will start recovering from illnesses when they use these tubs consistently. Buyers can use these products as cots and sleep for hours. They can store deflate the tubs after using and store the inside junkyard or other place of storage. Users can wash and reuse these products. Individuals that purchase these products can expect longevity and durability.