Durable, Easy and Best above Ground Sand Filter System

There are a lot of things that you need to take care and also consider when you decide to get an above ground pool. With a swimming pool, there comea lot of things that matter and often ignored by many people and then struggle to maintain the pool. One of the easy and best ways to clean your pool is by installing the filter that filters the water of the pool and also avoids the dust from entering the pool and best above ground sand filter is what many economic experts might suggest you. This almost sounds everything you need to do for maintaining but that’s not it there is a lot more than that.

Types of Filters for Pool above ground

There are a lot of filters which have recently come up into the market but there are mainly under the umbrella of 3 major types of filters used for above ground pools namely: –

  • Sand Filter system
  • Cartridge Filter system
  • Diatomaceous Earth System

These three are quite old and new filter system which is been used by many people in the world. The sand filter system is what advised and suits for an economical above ground pool as it is economical and also durable.

Why Sand Filter system?

The sand filter system is the oldest and the economic way of filter system for the pools above ground. The best above ground Sand filter may differ in many things from manufacturer to manufacturer but they majorly consist of these features: –

  • These filters get rid of waste and dirt from the pool easily.
  • Uses the old school technique of backwashing or back flowing of the water to the pipes and the routes to clean the pool and the whole system completely.
  • Sand Filter gets rid of waste which is as small as 20 micron which is not easy to get rid of in the water.

Moreover, the sand filter system also lasts more than 5 years and can last up to 10 long years which is not a long time and kind of like a one-time investment. Doesn’t it feel good to be using old school and one of the first method or system to use the pool and that too as such economic rates and easy operating system? Replacing the system is also easy than other systems in the above the ground pool as they provide easy assessment and comfortable changing system.

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