Brief Study On Structural Aspects And Uses Of Panel Tanks

Uses Of Panel Tanks

Meaning of panel tanks

As the name suggests, the panel tank means a chain of the normal tank. In technical words, panel tanks are the structure in accordance with a modular system which enables the assembling and construction of tank of any size. The material used for the construction of panel tanks are plastics, fiberglass, concrete, welded steel, bolted steel, carbon or stainless steel, and stones. These tanks can be either insulated or non-insulated.

Structure of panel tanks

  • The structure of panel tanks should have plain concrete usage, resistant to cracks, has enough potential to withhold the liquid especially the pressure incurred on walls and protection against cohesion.
  • The structure and design of the panel tanks should be such that they do not harm the natural properties of liquid stored such as the prevalence of bacteria, the formation of fungi, viruses, algae, variations in taste, etc.
  • The tank should be made of dense concrete to maintain and uphold the potential of the tank to hold a high quantity of liquid.
  • The base of the tank should rigid.
  • Movement joints, contraction joints, and temporary joints should be used well with proper spacing to avoid cracks, shrinkage and unequal settlement due to change in temperature, climatic conditions, and nature of liquid being stored inside.
  • The panel tank should support easy drainage of liquid.

Structure of panel tanks

Uses of panel tanks

  • It is used as a container for storing water by municipals, drinking water, household applications and irrigation, agricultural purposes, fire suppression, for plants and lives stock, preparation of food, chemical manufacturing, and industrial use and in many other ways.
  • Panel tanks have longer durable and can compensate with weather conditions and quantitative load.
  • Panel tanks are installed with mirrors, therefore, helps in the prevention of gathering of dirt and bares the growth of bacteria.
  • Panel tanks are movable hence can be ported from one place to another anytime as per the requirements.
  • These tanks can also be used as a storage reservoir for storing liquid petroleum and other liquids.

Types of panel tanks

  • Round panel tanks
  • Square panel tanks
  • Damper tanks
  • Cylindrical panel tanks
  • Flexible base panel tanks
  • Rigid base panel tanks


 The design of the panel tank should be made using mathematical calculations and formulas with consultation with engineers. Further manufacturing should be done in compliance with the requirements of the users.

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