Advantages and uses of selective racks

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They can save construction costs in the facilities of an industry. This is the case of racks and self-supporting industrial metal racks, which are part of the structure of the building. That is to say, the shelving of this type of warehouses not only supports the weight of the goods deposited in it, but also sustains the load of the external enclosures, as well as elements such as wind, rain or snow. Self-supporting racks usually incorporate automatic systems with robotic equipment to easily handle loads.

aluminum hitch cargo carrier is good or not

A definite advantage of the selective racks is that with them a single space can be allocated to two different purposes with a clear structural differentiation in height. This occurs when, taking advantage of the good height of a ship, one or two raised floors are easily built thanks to the mezzanines. These independent structures, easy to assemble and adaptable to any space, have solved the storage of thousands of Mexican businessmen.Cargo rack hitch is most commonly used.

Push-back rack

  • The push-back rack is a variant of the rack for storage that consists of a system based on cars whose operating engine is the force of gravity.
  • In the push-back rack you can mount between 2 and 6 pallets in the bottom, they are made entirely with structural steel for greater resistance to impact and weight of the load. For this characteristics, the push-back rack is used in rough-use functions.
  • To facilitate the identification of the loads they contain, the push-back racks can be painted in different colors. This not only facilitates the identification, but it is an extremely useful tool when making the inventory or looking for a special product. It also facilitates the identification of content in warehouses with platforms that are too high. In this way, the forklift operator can identify in which of all the levels of the rack a specific load has to be stored without the need to consult manuals or have to do a personal review.
  • The push-back rack does not need many maintenance processes because the material with which they are manufactured is of high resistance. Their bearings are made of cold forged steel with high-strength bearings that do not need lubrication and work perfectly between -29 to 49ºC.
  • In storage systems the optimal use of space is fundamental. If you do not know how to distribute the space, there is a risk that the storage area will become unnecessarily saturated and that inventory control will be lost.
  • One of the best ways to take advantage of space and maintain an excellent level of organization in storage is the use of racks. A rack is a metal structure in the form of a frame that allows storing packages, boxes or materials in small spaces in an organized manner and facilitating inventory and mobility.

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